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The traditional models that shape sport don’t work for younger fans. Aphetor is built differently. You can help us create a game-changing platform by investing in our crowdfunding round. Read on to find out about our disruptive blueprint

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It’s important you know your capital is at risk when you invest, especially when investing in startups and early stage businesses. Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance. Please invest aware.

The Pitch

  • 112m views (12x growth) of Aphetor & creator content from our 2nd event
  • Started monetisation from blue-chip brands, such as Nature Valley
  • At the intersection of two industries; sports ($1.3tr) and the Creator Economy ($104bn)
  • Backed by investors behind Revolut, Football Manager and Just Eat

The Problem


Nothing beats sport for engagement – that’s why it’s a $1.3t industry.

But Gens Z and younger are half as likely to watch sport on TV than older age groups. With traditional sport delivering the wrong content to the wrong channels for these younger fans, it’s losing them to more interactive media.

Dont take our word for it…

Is this the end of sport?

Youtube video from Athletic Interest, a video essay series that investigates business stories from the world of sports.

Sports has a Gen Z problem. The pandemic may accelerate it.

Article by Rick Maese of The Washington Post

Sports Industry’s Gen Z Problem

The next generation of consumers isn’t following in the footsteps of sports-hungry millennials, by Alex Silverman - Morning Consult


Aphetor is a new kind of sport/entertainment property, built for a world of immersive media and extended reality this audience embraces:


We collaborate with some of the world’s best creators

They are social media stars with millions of followers


We stage epic challenges and events

The creators take part, engaging their followers along the way


We aim to blur the line between physical and digital

We want fans invovled in the action and even to be able to compete alongside the creators

achievements so far


Despite the pandemic, we staged two events: Aphetor Altitude in Wales in 2020 and Aphetor Rising on the Greek island of Rhodes in 2021


At Aphetor Rising we bought together 30 social media creators with a combined reach of 65 million followers


Over 2000 pieces of content were posted across social from Aphetor Rising


The event in Rhodes delivered 112m views (more online views than the BBC's Tokyo Olympic coverage)


This event demonstrated Aphetors value to creators and global partners like Nature Valley


We've already attracted the world-class investors behind Revolut, Football Manager and Just Eat


Ultimately, Aphetor sits at the intersection of the sports industry, the Creator Economy and the Metaverse.  Our ambition is nothing less than to create the future of sport/entertainment. This is the future that we would love you to join. The next round of investment will put us firmly on that path



We're looking to grow to 4 events in our next cycle and deliver content between events to keep our audience engaged



We are looking to build a global community of highly engaged fans who are regularly engaging with the Aphetor plaform and which we will seek to monetise



We will invest in our content and tech stack to drive deeper engagement. Expect more live content, innovative voting mechanisms, direct access to the Creators, AR Filter games and exciting XR challenges and experiences.


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It’s important you know your capital is at risk when you invest, especially when investing in startups and early stage businesses. Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance. Please invest aware.


What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is where a large number of people pool their money together to back a business they believe in, via an online platform. More information on crowdfunding can be found here.

Why is Aphetor crowdfunding
After our first two events proved the key elements of our model, we are excited to begin the next phase of our journey where we really accelerate our growth. We will be investing in our platform and team, scaling up our events, content output, tech/development capabilities, analytic/content performance operation and commercial/sales infrastructure. Our vision for Aphetor is to create a dynamic and engaged community of creators and fans. That’s why we think it’s critical that we give our community a chance to own a piece of it via crowdfunding
What is Crowdcube?
Crowdcube is a platform that enables businesses to attract investment from professionals and venture capital firms, as well as from everyday investors. It has facilitated crowdfunding raises for Monzo, Revolut, BrewDog, Freetrade and more, and is currently the world’s largest crowdfunding platform. It’s also regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority, so you can invest in confidence. Learn more about Crowdcube here.
What do I get if I invest?

You’ll become a shareholder in Aphetor – a part-owner of the company. Aphetor is also offering investors a range of exclusive rewards alongside the equity they receive for their investment. We’ll share more details of the rewards available once the funding platform opens.

How do I become a Aphetor Investor?

The most important first step is to sign up (free) to Crowdcube. As soon as our page is live you will have exclusive access to invest before we share this opportunity with the rest of the world.

Who can invest in Aphetor via Crowdcube?

To invest in Aphetor via Crowdcube, you must be over 18 years old and legally entitled to invest. You’ll also need to be a resident of the UK or a country where you may legally receive financial promotions of this nature. Crowdcube can’t advertise investment opportunities to those living in the United States, Canada, Japan or any other country where it would be unlawful. If you have any concerns regarding the legality of investing through Crowdcube in your country of residence, you should seek independent legal advice. Please contact us directly at if you are interested in investing in Aphetor and are resident in a country that is restricted.

When will the campaign go Live?
We’re going live privately on Crowdcube in late January. Exclusive access will be given to those who pre-registered using this page. We will open up for investment from all other parties publicly later in early February.
Are there risks associated with investing?

Just remember that investing in a startup business carries significant risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of your investment and dilution. You can read more about these risks on the Crowdcube website.

Does an investment in Aphetor qualify for EIS?

This round of funding in Aphetor qualifies for the UK Government’s Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), which has the potential to deliver significant tax advantages to eligible investors. See here for more information about the scheme.

How much can I invest?

You can own a piece of the future for as little as £10. There is no upper limit on your investment.

Who are my fellow investors?
You are investing alongside world class seed funds Venrex, Forward Partners, Velocity Partners and a collection of sophisticated industry angels. We look forward to regularly announcing exciting new industry investors as they come on board as part of this round
How do I make a return on my investment?

Return may come via a liquidity event such as a trade sale, secondary market transaction or an IPO.

It’s important you know your capital is at risk when you invest, especially when investing in startups and early stage businesses. Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance. Please invest aware.